ZTW rc brushless motor 3500kv 4200kv beast SL 120A sensorless ESC 1: 10 1/10 scale waterproof LED program card combo car parts

Color: 3500KV 4200KV
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Price: AUD 128.05

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Product Description

1:10 Scale Sensorless Brushless Combo

High Speed
High Torque
Rain Will Hold Us from Having Fun no More
ZTW1/10th Scale Competition Brushless ESC/Motor Combo brings updated features and next level performance to the popular Beast series speed control. You can run your vehicles through the morning dew, down the muddy road, across the soggy snow or just about anywhere else you’d be interested in running a 1/10th scale RC buggy, truggy or truck. We are using today’s state of the art micro components, The ESC delivers advanced tuning options for the hardcore racer. Whether you are into large scale or short course, Beast has what racers demand; reliability, precise control and unmatched power handling capability.
Our 4P 3660 motor is designed for medium scale, high performance competition, reliable on track operation, the Beast ESC provides pro level control and power. Capable of sensorless operation, the 3660 motor is the leading edge of medium scale RC motor technology. Utilize the torque and speed of your 3660 to propel you across the finish line.
Couple the 3660 with Beast Electronic Speed Control and harness the industry’s leading technologies in a complete perfect power system solution.
4P 3660 Motor
This is a motor with high torque, high efficient and low heat consumption with aluminum and finned case to create a better cooling effect. To make sure the prolonged the durability we use high temperature wiring and B magnets, 0.2mm thickness silicon steel plate.stator to reduce the Eddy current loss and to make the motor run up 180 degree. Super balanced rotor and secured with special material, very smooth and quiet at every speed you can feel perfect control of your motor.
Beast 120A
When performance matters in your high current application, look no further than our Beast 120A ESC (Short course). This series of ESC are finely tuned and tested by the experienced driver proven to be a reliable and quality ESC. Its smooth motor time, powerful moment burst and acceleration and adjustable brake force help you feel something only in a video game. Also for the sake of safety, we offer you the accurate voltage and temperature protection to make sure you are using within the safe zone. Wide range of parameter configuration and friendly PC interface setting make it even more perfect choice to gear up your vehicle.
1 Enhanced throttle response, excellent acceleration, strong brakes and throttle linearity
2 Using program card to make adjustments.
3 Using program card to program forward or reverse throttle limit
4 Using program card to program braking percent
5 Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection and throttle signal loss protection
6 Compatible with NOVAK, LRP, ORION brushless motor
7. Micro-fin aluminum heat sink dissipates heat.
8.Industrial leading edge waterproof design
1 Compatible with all 1:10 scale Beast series brushless ESC produced by ZTW
2 Easy to use and convenient to carry
3. Displaying parameters and options on the LED screen
Combo Includes:
Beast 120A ESC 1
LED program Card 1
4P SL 3660 Motor 1
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Review by: Lauren T.
To put it simply, I am extremely pleased to have stumbled upon the ZTW rc brushless motor 3500kv 4200kv beast SL 120A sensorless ESC 1: 10 1/10 scale waterproof LED program card combo car parts. It’s not expecially easy to get a suiting offer of this sort even in a convenience store, so I admire the seller’s efforts of offering us the product of a genuinely solid quality at such a competitive price.

Corporate responsibility is the thing I’m considering in a manufacturing company, and all the buying decisions are heavily influenced by the manufacturer’s goings on. So before favouring the seller with my order I carried out some research on the manufacturer and the enterpriser’s code of ethic.Indeed, I was satisfied to see that the employees are functioning in a safe workshop environment and that no human rights are violated during the manufacturing process. I’m sorry to say that these days it is not customary at all, and I personally don't like the idea of encouraging a producer that capitalizes upon the employees in an unjustifiable and unconstitutional way.

I presume you will also consider it interesting to know that the product was created as the result of ethical sourcing of raw materials, and with the use of ecologically safe technologies as well. As for me, it is a great reason to make a purchase, especially given that the product induces no allergy or any other health conditions thanks to the excellent quality of the raw stock.

When my order was successfully delivered, I got the chance to witness the top quality of ZTW rc brushless motor 3500kv 4200kv beast SL 120A sensorless ESC 1: 10 1/10 scale waterproof LED program card combo car parts with my own eyes. I have used it already, and I’m incredibly satisfied with the performance, so it’s safe to say the product actually deserves a positive review.
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A marvelous product produced from ethically sourced materials with the use of ecologically friendly technologies. It’s truly worth getting!

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