In Stock Zhiyun Smooth Q Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Remote Control for Smartphone Iphone 7 Plus 6 Plus Samsung S7

Color: Black Rose Gold Space Gray Gold
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Price: AUD 221.39

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zhi yun
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Smooth Q

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In Stock Zhiyun Smooth Q Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Remote Control for Smartphone Iphone 7 Plus 6 Plus Samsung S7 
Zhiyun Smooth Q is a compact professional smart gimbal for phones. It is designed with a new operating system to ensure
it easy to perform accurate and quick in different positions between different operation modes, so that you are free from
controlling it. Zhiyun Smooth Q is also a great product which can bring you creativity with functional buttons on photography
and film such as Photo/Record, Zoom in/out and get rear camera/Selfie mode transferred; creativity also comes from expendable
updated APP (APP-ZY PLAY), with which you can make auto-tracking, time-lapse and filter changing be possible. A maximum
payload of 220g supports you to attach diversity lens with different focal length, kinds of fill light and many other photo/film cool
gears anytime anywhere. Besides, it features colorful make-up with jet black, gold, rose gold and space grey options. Working
duration is as long as 8 hours and available for you to have a real-time Mobile Charging. It is really valuable at its price.
1. More accurate and quick response to your operation: Zhiyun Smooth Q is designed with a better working system to ensure
the response rate 30%-40% faster compared with Smooth II and free switch between standard and vertical shooting position.
2. Easier to use with no counterweight and a lighter gimbal body weight compared with other competitive brand’s
there is an extendable axis for you to balance the device by only one step. 50g less weight than OSMO mobile,
you are available to use it more conveniently.
3. Functional on photography/film: Zhiyun Smooth Q has buttons to Photo/Record, Zoom in/out and get rear camera/Selfie
mode transferred.
4. APP extended functions on photography/film: Updated APP-ZY PLAY covers auto-tracking, time-lapse and filter options
at present, making more possibilities.
5. Expandability on gears: with a maximum payload of 220g, Smooth Q supports you to attach diversity lens with different
focal length, kinds of fill light and many other photography accessories.
Attn.: Do not forget to fasten the screw after balancing the gimbal in case of damage on motor’s lifetime.
Dimension 118*105*285mm
Charging Current 1500mA
Controllable Range Pan: 360°
Roll: ±30°
Tilt: +185° -135°
Mechanical Range Pan: 360°
Roll: 320°
Tilt: 320°
Operating Time 8-12 hours
Operating Temperature  -10° to 45°C
Valid Payload 75g-220g
Net Weight 450 g (without batteries & Smartphone)
Package Weight 760g
2. Zhiyun wireless remote controller, compatible with crane three axis gimbal stabilizer
It is a wireless remote control for Zhiyun crane three axis gimbal stabilize

1. Joystick: Operation modes switch and angle control (with same functions as the gimbal joystick.)
2. Battery level indicator: 

90-100 percent Flashes four times
75-90 percent Flashes three times
55-75 percent Flashes two times
30-55 percent Flashes one time
0-30 percent Flashes rapidly
3. Bluetooth status indicator:
Not connected: flashing
Connected: always on
Device switching: flashes one time
4. Multifunction button: while the gimbal is connected. Single press this button, the gimbal return back to original working status.
5. Charging indicator, device selection switch and power switch:
Charging indicator: red light is on when charging. Green light is on when charging complete.
Device selection switch: up: connect to gimbal. Down: connect to smartphone.
Power switch: up: turn on. Down: turn off
Note: 1. Place the gimbal nearby while switched on
2. Whilst the controller is off, move device selection switch up, power on the controller while the multifunction button is pressed.
3. If the Bluetooth indicator stays on, the connection is successful.
4. If not successful, please start over.


Name Zhiyun wireless remote controller
Model ZW-B01
Run-time Equal or more than 50 hours
Maximum valid signal range 10m (no interference)
Battery type Li-ion
Charging pattern 5V adapter or USB
Operation environment temperature 0-40 Celsius
Charging environment temperature 0-40 Celsius
Capacity 150mAh
Package contents:
1*Smooth Q Gimbal (Battery included)
1*Bluetooth Remote Conrol
1*Product Manual
1*Pergear Cleaning Kit




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Review by: Joel A.
I do shopping online every once in a while but every now and then you don’t get what you the seller promised you. This time I was lucky.

The first thing that caught my eye was the design. It’s not often that you see something like this at one of those shops. So to tell you the truth, I really loved the stuff at first glance. Though I I had my doubts about the quality when I placed the order for it. I was convinced I’d better not expect good quality. It’s good I was wrong.

When my order arrived I was bewildered by the quality of the stuff. Personally for me, you rarely acquire such thing made of proper materials. In Stock Zhiyun Smooth Q Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Remote Control for Smartphone Iphone 7 Plus 6 Plus Samsung S7 turned out to be a great luck! I’m happy I acquired it. Who could think I’d get something decent on the web. I came across several similar items from other sellers but it wasn’t really anything worth my attention. Either the design or the quality looked too bad so I decided not to take the risk.

I was after a gift for my partner and I’m glad I acquired this item. They say the item is pretty popular among a lot of people. My partner has been using it for 3 weeks now and seems so happy. So I guess I was lucky to come upon this web site.
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