DSP Professional Electric Hair Clipper Salon Hair Trimmer Electric Shaver Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting Machine

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Hair Trimmer
4.5cm * 19cm
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Stainless Steel & ABS
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Product Description

DSP Professional Electric Hair Clipper Salon Hair Trimmer Electric Shaver Beard Trimmer Hair Cutting Machine

Type: Hair Clipper
Model Number: HC-888B
Power Supply:10W
Motor voltage::AC220-240V  50HZ
4 Guide combs
1Cleaning brush
1 Comb
1clean oil
The blade of this hair clipper made of high quality special steel inconjunction with precision work.
They have undergone the most modernscientific heat treatment and surface treatment. Therefore it is sharp, wear -resistant and rust-resistant. Each clipper have undergone the determination of high voltage resistance and uses double-deck insulation to ensure safety and relia-bility.
Conenect the unit to a powersource of 220-240V and turn on the switch(1), for the clipper to start operating.
The lateral ajusting lever(2)gives ajustment of cutting length between approx0.3and 2mm while cutting hair .
The other lateral lock knob(3) is a fixed mechanism. It is used to fix the adjusting lever (2).when the knob released,adjusting lever(2) should be pressed with the thumb to avoid sudden bumping .
The enclosed slied-on comb(4) can be used to increase the cutting length to about 7mm, if short hair cut and continuation of transitionsare desired. The slide -on comb is bushed over the bottom blade until the limit stop and is simply drawn off  afrer use.
Protecting cover(5) is used to protect the teeth.
If the blades have been removed for cleaning or replacement , when aligning the following must be noted.
1. End of top blade teeth should be 0.5mm back from bottom blade .
2. Right hand tooth of top blade must be covering the left edge of the right big tooth of the bottom blade .
3. Left hand tooth of top blade must be aligning with the left big tooth of the bottom blade .
4. Keep the screws tight after the blades are aligned.




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Review by: Jeremy T.
I buy stuff at web stores every once in a while but sometimes you don’t get what you you wished. This time it as a good deal.

What drew my attention was the design. You rarely get to merch like this at one of those shops. So to be honest, I really loved the stuff at first glance. Though I wasn’t so sure about the quality when I ordered it. Back then I thought I’d better not expect decent quality. I’m glad I was mistaken.

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I was on the lookout for a present for my partner and I was fortunate I got this at this web store. I read the model is really popular among quite a number of people. My partner has been using it for some time now and appears quite happy. So I guess I was lucky to come across this web page.
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it’s great I found this merch. The seller offered attractive quality and price by contrast to others. Nothing to complain about.

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